To move forward in life

All of us desire to move forward in some area of our lives. In fact, God places within us a desire for more. However, that “more” has to be focused in the right direction. Nuggets for Advancement is short four-part mini-series in which Ruth talks about four golden “nuggets” that keep us moving forward. You’ll be encouraged and inspired as you take this short journey. Each video is 15-20 minutes. So, grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable and let’s mine for those nuggets together!
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Course curriculum

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    Nuggets For Advancement
    • The ability to truly hear and see from heaven's perspective
    • The challenge of working through the process and growing in maturity
    • The ways that fear holds us back for moving forward
    • How does bold faith play into our advancement?


  • Ruth Hendrickson

    Pastor | Teacher

    Ruth Hendrickson

    Ruth Hendrickson is a conference speaker, ministry trainer, board certified counselor, and served on the pastoral staff at a Spirit-filled United Methodist Church for over 13 years. In addition, she is a course facilitator for Patricia King Institute and an ordained minister with the American Presbyterian Church. Ruth has extensive experience in the development, training, implementation, and oversight of Emotional Healing Ministry Teams, Recovery Ministries, Prophetic Ministry, Prayer Ministries and Women’s Ministry. She is passionate about training, equipping, and releasing individuals to walk in wholeness, healing (both physical and emotional) and freedom. Ruth’s understanding of various denominations allows her to easily cross denominational boundary lines.